Every day bikers are injured and don’t know where to turn.

It is no secret that motorcycles come with risk. As both lifelong bikers and experienced lawyers, we understand all of the variables that revolve around a motorcycle accident. In a car, a slight slip on ice or failure to brake usually results in a ‘fender bender.’ Unfortunately, motorcyclists do not have the same privilege if another vehicle loses control. Even a slight clip from a negligent driver could be enough to cause a catastrophic accident. Here are a few things we’d like you to know if you (or a loved one) have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Causes of motorcycle accidents 

There are many reasons for motorcycle accidents. Often, the cause of the accident is not easily tied to the responsible party. It is also common for bikers (much like car drivers) to sustain damage to themself or their vehicle due to their own mistakes. Impaired and distracted driving are especially common causes of motorcycle crashes. While there are resources we can provide for motorcyclists who were at fault for their crash, most of our legal services are designed to benefit drivers who were not responsible for the crash. With this in mind, here are some common instances in which a biker may not be responsible for the accident.

  • Bikers that lose control of their motorcycle due to a property owner’s failure to maintain a safe roadway.
  • Cars or trucks that turn, merge, back up, or pull out into a motorcycle’s path when the biker had the right of way.
  • Other drivers did not see the motorcycle and caused a collision
  • Another motorcyclist was driving in a manner that was negligent, unsafe, or otherwise preventable.
  • A semi-truck, construction/dump truck, or other hauling vehicle fails to secure cargo; such as falling rocks, livestock, packages, liquids, or any other hazard that could cause the biker to be injured or lose control.

In 2019, motorcyclists were 29 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle miles traveled. (NHTSA)

Common questions about legal action

In the moments following a motorcycle crash, there are a million and one things a biker could be thinking. We hope that the first concern any biker addresses after an accident is their safety and well-being. Getting appropriate medical help should take priority over any legal or financial concerns. After the dust has settled and there are decisions to make, The Biker Lawyers are ready to jump in. We are prepared to walk you through your recovery options and help answer any questions you might have. Common questions include:

  • What if the accident happened in a state I don’t live in?
  • Do I take the first settlement offer?
  • The responsible party denies their fault. What can I do?
  • How will this impact my insurance? What if I (or the other driver) don’t have insurance?

Fighting for safer roads and biker rights!

The fight for safer roads and motorcycle safety protections has been a long and ongoing process. According to the US Department of Transportation, passenger cars have a fatality rate of 1.45 per 100 million miles traveled. In contrast, motorcycles have an average fatality rate of 25.48 per 100 million miles. This disparity is an unfortunate reality for many bikers and their families. As bikers and lawyers, we believe that motorcyclists deserve equal protection in the event of an accident.

Physical pain, emotional hardships, and medical bills make this time overwhelming. You aren’t alone. We are here to go through recovery with you, and to help you take action to find justice.

If you’ve been hurt in the Midwest, the Biker Lawyers are here to help you. We will ride with you on Recovery Road, provide you with clear steps forward, and use our experience to ensure you find justice for your suffering. All the attorneys in our firm ride, all of us know the risks, and all of us are here for you when you need us.

The Biker Lawyers are on your side.  If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, speak to one of our qualified attorneys in Iowa, Minnesota, or Wisconsin today.

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