Filing Claims against Another Driver’s Insurance Company

Posted on June 16, 2020 at 3:02 PM by The Biker Lawyers

The physical and emotional trauma of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. The last thing that an accident victim needs is to have to do is deal with reluctant insurance companies. In many instances, it can be hard enough to get your own insurance company to honor the terms of your policy, not to mention another party’s insurance company.

What Damages May Be Recovered from Another Party’s Insurance Company

When another driver causes your accident, that person’s insurance company is required to compensate the accident victim on behalf of their policyholder. Unfortunately, these companies will sometimes do everything they can to avoid liability and their obligation to compensate for the following:

  • Medical care
  • Property damage
  • Loss of wages
  • Reduced capacity to earn

Often, insurance companies will attempt to exploit accident victims’ unfamiliarity with the procedures and laws governing insurance liability. An experienced insurance claims lawyer, however, can play in critical part in preventing this; we will do everything we can to see that insurance companies honor their financial obligations on behalf of their policyholders.

Consult With The Biker Lawyers

The Biker Lawyers are committed to protecting the rights of motorcyclists; if somebody else caused your accident, we will do everything we can to secure compensation for your medical bills and bike repair. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of our lawyers today, please call our offices at (877) 209-9452.

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