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April’s Upcoming Midwest Motorcycle Events (Week 3)

Midwest Motorcycle Events (April 1-7, 2024)

This week offers an exciting blend of tradition, community, and the thrill of motorcycle riding. From the spiritual start at the Blessing of the Bikes to the adrenaline-pumping Hill Climb, there’s something for every rider. Mark your calendars and let the spirit of the road lead you to where the engine roars and the heart finds its beat.

Tips for Dealing with Winter Storm Road Conditions in Iowa

Tips for Dealing with Winter Storm Road Conditions in Iowa

As a seasoned biker and personal injury attorney, I’ve seen firsthand how treacherous Midwest winters can be, especially for motorists in Iowa. According to the Iowa State Patrol, there have already been 3 traffic-related deaths in Iowa, and we’re only a week and a half in.
The recent snowstorm, causing multiple pile-ups and treacherous driving conditions, particularly on Interstate 80 across Iowa, serves as a stark reminder of winter’s unpredictability. This article offers essential safety and legal tips for drivers facing winter road emergencies.

A Slippery Situation: Legal Insights on Slip and Fall Accidents

A Slippery Situation: Legal Insights on Slip and Fall Accidents

It’s time for a few legal insights on slip and fall accidents.
Picture this: You’ve just left your favorite local shop on a warm evening, and are looking forward to the ride home. Suddenly, your foot catches on an uneven patch of pavement, and before you know it, you’re on the ground, pain shooting through your knee.
Who do you call? If you’re seriously hurt, who’s at fault?

Ready to talk to a motorcycle personal injury attorney? We’re ready to listen.

Medical bills lost income, and the emotional/physical pain that often follows motorcycle accidents can be extraordinarily difficult to manage. However, with the appropriate information, accident victims can have a clear understanding of what they can do to address these challenges. Let’s get you that information. Click the below to get started.

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