Why do some Motorcycles use White LED Lights?

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Why LED Lights?

TL;DR: LED headlights will give you a better ride, reduce your energy consumption and improve road safety.

White lights are easy to spot while driving on the highway

White lights are easy to see while driving on the highway. In fact, they’re one of the best ways for other drivers to spot you when it’s dark out (or raining) —and this is especially important if you’re a motorcyclist who wants to stay safe.

Not only do white headlights make it easier for drivers in cars and trucks to see your motorcycle, but they also help people following behind you notice that there’s someone else ahead of them before they speed up or slow down too quickly.

White tail lights also enhance visibility in inclement weather conditions like rain and foggy weather because their brightness stands out against a grey sky or rainy pavement; this helps prevent accidents caused by poor visibility!

If you’re a motorcycle owner, you’ve likely wondered why some bikes have white LED lights instead of the more common red or yellow. The answer is simple: white LED lights are easier to see while riding at night and in bad weather conditions.

White LEDs are easy to spot because they glow brighter than other colors; this makes it easier for other motorists on the road to see motorcycles when they’re driving at night or in rainy conditions. For example, yellow LED lights can be difficult for drivers behind a motorcycle to spot in inclement weather such as rain or fog—white LEDs, however, shine through these obstacles better than any other color option available today (except perhaps blue).

Which is better, Halogen Bulbs or LED headlights on a Motorcycle?

LED lights are brighter

LEDs are brighter, and they have a higher lumen output than halogen bulbs. This means the LEDs produce more light, which is great when you’re riding at night or in dark conditions. The wide beam angle of an LED headlight also means that it will illuminate a wider area in front of you when compared to halogen headlights.

Another reason that LEDs raise your visibility more than halogen lights is because of their design: LEDs are directional. This means they emit light only in one direction rather than emitting it all around like a typical bulb would do (think how headlights on your car focus light forward). This directional nature results in better illumination and enhanced contrast because there’s less ambient light from other sources reflecting off objects nearby – the result being that road signs can be seen clearly even at very long distances away!

LEDs can last longer than halogen bulbs because LED lights are more energy efficient

The lifespan of LEDs is much greater than that of halogen bulbs, which typically last around 2,000 hours. This means that in a normal working environment an LED light will last several times the length of an equivalent halogen bulb. Because they do not burn out as easily or dim over time, this provides brighter and whiter light for longer periods of time.

Finally, LED bulbs produce little heat and do not come with any toxic materials such as mercury or lead like some other types of lights do–this reduces their environmental impact while also helping to keep your bike cool!

LED lights have longer life spans

LED lights live longer than Halogen bulbs, a fact that many motorcycle owners may not know.

The reason for this is simple: LED lights are resistant to vibration and heat. While Halogen bulbs can vibrate and shatter when they are hit, LEDs remain strong and intact through anything you throw at them. In addition to being more durable, LED headlights also have a longer life span than their Halogen counterparts (up to 50 000 hours).

LED lights are smaller and easier to fit into the body of the motorcycle

LED lights are smaller and more versatile than their halogen counterparts. They can be fitted into tighter spaces than halogen lights which makes them more useful for motorcycle headlights.

LEDs can also be fitted to the back of your bike, so if you have a rear light that needs replacing or upgrading, then this might be an option worth considering.

LEDs are also available to fit onto motorcycles with a front light as well as ones without one! This means if you want improved visibility at night when driving your motorcycle through city streets, then an LED headlight could help with this problem by improving the contrast between vehicles and their surroundings.

LED lights weigh less than halogen lights

If you’re a performance junkie, you might be more interested in the weight of your motorcycle’s headlights. Halogens are known for their weight and bulk, which can affect performance and handling. Too much extra weight will also make it harder for you to stop quickly when necessary. This can be especially dangerous if your bike has an ABS (Anti-lock brake system). These systems rely on information from your wheels’ sensors to determine how much pressure needs to be applied in order to maintain control of the vehicle when braking.

If you want a lightweight headlight—and prefer not having to worry about breaking down—LEDs are probably a better option for your bike. They weigh less than halogen bulbs and don’t require any sort of ballast or other heavy components like metal heat sinks for cooling purposes either!

You can save money by switching from halogen bulbs to LED headlights

You can save money by switching from halogen bulbs to LED headlights. It may not seem like much, but the reduced weight resulting from a switch to LED bulbs can improve your bike’s fuel efficiency over time!

Also, as we mentioned before, LED’s are a great option for motorcycle headlight bulbs because they last longer and use less energy than traditional halogen or HID lights, which means that you’ll see savings over time in the form of reduced replacement costs.

Are White LED lights are legal in Iowa?

Yes, in Iowa, you may use white LED lights on your motorcycle if they do not project more than 300 feet and cannot flash various colors (especially red and/or blue for obvious reasons). If you look up the regulations for motorcycles in your state, be sure to check their website for specific information regarding white LED lights.

The image below is probably not legal… nearly anywhere… but we could be wrong.

How do you know if white LED lights are legal in your state?

If you’re not sure whether or not white LED lights are legal in your state, check with a local law enforcement official or call your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) directly. If you’re still uncertain about their legality, or if you live in a state where it’s unclear whether or not the use of white LED lights is permitted, contact the manufacturer of your motorcycle to ask about their use.

A quick internet search for “motorcycle laws” should yield an abundance of information on the subject—and if all else fails, ask a friend!


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