They Were on Their Phone and Crashed into Me: Navigating Legal Steps After a Motorcycle Accident

“It was just another day on the road, the wind in my face, the freedom of the ride – every biker’s dream. But in a split second, everything changed. A driver, more focused on their phone than the road, veered into my lane and my ride came to an abrupt end. I ended up in the hospital while the other guy ended up with a wrecked car.” 

As seasoned bikers and personal injury attorneys in Iowa and Minnesota, we’ve seen this scenario all too often. The good news is that we’re here to help you understand what to do to get on the road to recovery.

Here’s a guide to navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle accident caused by distracted driving, a situation no rider should face but must be prepared for.


  • Understand Iowa’s laws against distracted driving, which bans texting but allows phone calls for most drivers.
  • At the accident scene: Prioritize safety, keep your gear on, assess injuries, and call emergency services without admitting fault.
  • Collect evidence on-site and inform your insurance company.
  • Post-accident: Get medical attention, handle motorcycle repairs, consult an attorney, and keep comprehensive records.
  • Pursue prescribed treatments diligently.

Understanding Iowa’s Distracted Driving Laws

In Iowa, the law takes a tough stance against texting and electronic messaging while driving. However, there’s leniency for talking on the phone, except for younger drivers and certain license holders. Knowing these details is crucial, especially when you’re entangled in an accident with a phone-distracted driver.

Legal Penalties for Distracted Driving in Iowa

Violations of Iowa’s distracted driving law range from fines to potential license suspensions, especially if the violation leads to serious injury or death. These penalties underscore the seriousness with which the state treats distracted driving, which can be a critical aspect of your legal case if you’re involved in an accident with a distracted driver.

Immediate Actions at the Accident Scene

Photo of a model depicting a crash scene

First, ensure safety by stopping safely and keeping your gear on. This can protect against aggravating potential injuries. Contact emergency services without acknowledging fault, and gather evidence such as photos, details of all parties involved, and witness information.

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Post-Accident Steps

Seek medical attention promptly to document your injuries. This is crucial for insurance and potential legal claims. Report the accident to your insurance and document repair costs. Considering the complexities of accidents involving distracted driving, consulting an attorney is vital for understanding your rights and potential compensation. Keep detailed records of your recovery and expenses.

Image of a biker contemplating the aftermath of a crash


If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a motorcycle accident due to a distracted driver, remember that your immediate and subsequent actions are critical. For personalized legal guidance and representation in Iowa and Minnesota, contact The Biker Lawyers. As fellow bikers, we understand your struggles and possess the expertise to navigate these complex scenarios.

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