By Candrace Jones

After our accident, we were going on blind faith that the insurance companies would do what was right in our situation. It seemed so black and white to me. Through the course of the year or so gathering information, finishing up medical appointments, and waiting to hear back from representatives, we realized it wasn’t even close to over. It was time to hire a lawyer.

We met Cameron and the rest of the lawyers from the Biker Lawyers, P.C. at a bike night. I took their card and contacted them right away that following week. When I called the office, the receptionist was courteous and knowledgeable. She took down a short summary of what I needed and told me someone would be in touch soon. Cameron called me the next day. Throughout the entire process, he kept us informed. He made sure we understood every step and advised us accordingly. I am very thankful I called The Biker Lawyers, P.C. Our case is completed and we are relieved. I would highly recommend their office!


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