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I was in a bad motorcycle crash and chose The Biker Lawyers to get me the settlement I deserved.

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Bruce Durband

There will inevitably be a few setbacks in life, however, if one of yours is the fact that you have recently been injured in a car accident due to somebody else, call Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer Pete Leehey and The Biker Lawyers...


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Peter Lane

Hired this law firm after my motorcycle accident. Very pleased with the outcome of my case! The staff was very helpful and kept me up to date which made the whole process go smooth for me. I really appreciate everything this wonderful law firm has done and would use them again in the future if...


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John Riccio, October 25, 2021

The Biker Lawyers did a very thorough, professional job. From the first time Pete came to visit me, all the way through the trial. Everything was...


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Robert Cleveland, March 19, 2021

These guys did it right, after my crash I didn’t know what to do or which way to go. I was looking for a lawyer, and they came highly recommended. They came to my home, and they’ve been here for me throughout. I felt very supported during my deposition, which I was nervous as heck for. Now that it’s over...


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Keith Bascom, December 9, 2020

After our accident, we were going on blind faith that the insurance companies would do what was right in our situation. It seemed so black and white to me. Through the course of the year or so gathering information, finishing up medical appointments, and waiting to hear back from representatives, we realized it wasn’t even close to over. It was time to hire a lawyer...


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Candrace Jones

I highly recommend The Biker Lawyers. Pete and his staff went above and beyond to help me when my husband died in a motorcycle accident. Very kind and professional and made sure I understood all the legal language.


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Mandy Sinnott Hitchcock

"Pete really helped me and his team I would recommend them to anyone."


Read Moreabout Tanya Anthonisen testimonial

Tanya Anthonisen

Yes, these guys are awesome. They handle everything I would definitely...


Read Moreabout Chris Shukers testimonial

Chris Shukers

I recommend them for any motorcycle-related...


Read Moreabout Dennis Balvanz testimonial

Dennis Balvanz

The best group of lawyers I ever met. Real professionals who...


Read Moreabout William Harrison testimonial

William Harrison

When I was injured in a work accident we needed someone on our side to look out for us l had listened to Pete at the motorcycle safety forum and...


Read Moreabout Bred Peck testimonial

Bred Peck

The Biker Lawyers, [are] the best Lawyers I have worked with. They achieved a very good compensation for my Premise Liability case, making sure all expenses and losses occurred...


Read Moreabout Kathy testimonial


Pete and his crew did an awesome job....


Read Moreabout Eric Klaren testimonial

Eric Klaren

Pete and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to my case. I will never...


Read Moreabout Jed Licht testimonial

Jed Licht

Pete is an awesome guy! He drove 3hrs away to meet me and in the end, he did my case for free. This man is one of a kind!!! Very recommended!


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Jacob Prather

"The Biker Lawyers are exactly the kind of bikers that some of us might need some time if we're ever in an accident."


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Mark Smith

Iowa: My husband and I contacted Mr. Leehey after he was involved in a motorcycle accident caused by an automobile driver. Their insurance company was blaming my husband for being on the road and would not pay even the medical expenses we incurred. Mr. Leehey was very helpful, easy to talk to, and was able to get the insurance company to come to an agreeable amount with us...

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During a most difficult time we felt Pete helped us understand our options. Although we asked for his opinion in no way did we ever feel pressured to do one thing or another. The options were explained well and helped us choose what we felt was right for us.


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Mr. Leehey did a very professional job of helping me with my situation and did very well in getting the monetary settlement I received. Excellent job!!!!


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Pete wrote a contract between my motorcycle touring company and my customers. It went very well and I’m happy with the final agreement.



Great Lawyer at a Reasonable Price

Pete Leehey is a great personal injury lawyer if you are looking for one in the Cedar Rapids area. He can help you out if you are a victim of almost any kind of accident or if you have recently been having...


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Laurie W.

Pete did a great job of handling our case. Neither of us had ever been involved in a suit like this and he guided us through each step. He let us know what to expect, as well as how best to prepare for the different parts of the case. He also was very concerned with us as people, not just as a case. It was evident that he cared...


Read Moreabout Sarah testimonial


Mr. Leehey represented me in an accident where a car caused my motorcycle accident causing me physical damage. He did an excellent job in listening to me, preparing the case, and representing me in getting the insurance company of the auto driver to settle fairly with me. Initially, they had tried to blame me for...


Read Moreabout Andrew testimonial


I hired Pete for a case, he is very knowledgeable and told me right upfront what to expect. I have done some of the work but that is only to keep the cost down which is fine by me, his staff is very quick to respond to questions that need to be answered. I would give his name out as needed.


Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial


Pete Leehy is a wonderful honest lawyer.
Pete and the members of his office worked as a great team to get a settlement for me from my car accident. They were patient and upfront about everything. Pete explained the process and he and his team kept me informed at all times. Pete is not your typical lawyer. He really cares about his clients. He’s not just about the money. He’s about what’s right and fair. Pete told me upfront about...


Read Moreabout Betty Jean (BJ) testimonial

Betty Jean (BJ)

Very happy with Pete. Down to earth kept things simple and to the point. Very easy to get along with and goes above and beyond... 


Read Moreabout Steve testimonial


Pete was friendly from the time I meet him up until my case was settled. Did an excellent job taking care of notifying and managing my bill collectors until my settlement was over. Was honest and send me an overpayment check I never knew I had coming...


Read Moreabout Jerry McAtee testimonial

Jerry McAtee

Pete was easy to work with for scheduling meetings around my job and was even willing to do a phone conference so I didn’t have to miss any more work. He obviously read the notes on my case that I’d written up and was able to explain why legal processes would go a certain way. He made an effort to know me and my situation. I didn’t have any difficulty contacting him for any reason...


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I was involved in a motorcycle accident where I was injured and used Pete to try my case... 


Read Moreabout Gregg testimonial


I found [The Biker Lawyers] to be very knowledgeable about my Workman’s Comp case. I was treated with respect and Pete had an interest in my case. He kept me well-informed and up-to-date on the overall process... 


Read Moreabout Lee testimonial


I had a work comp settlement with open medical that was causing me nothing but headaches because after several years they set me up with a new claim specialist. They refused to approve things that had been taken care of by QBE without any problems previously. Pete Leehey originally was in charge of the case...


Read Moreabout Kirk testimonial


"I experienced an injury at work, and I was getting the run-around when I tried to get help. I wasn’t asking for money or trying to get revenge against my workplace; all I wanted was the medical help I deserved so that I could continue to work. Anthony was pleasant, professional, and courteous, and worked quickly to make sure that I got the help that I needed. He was informative about the legal processes involved and was straightforward with me about all potential outcomes (good and bad) for my specific case. He was supportive and confident and made me feel comfortable that I was in good hands. Within a short amount of time I had the care that I needed, and on top of that...


Read Moreabout Casey testimonial


Awards and Legal Community Recognition

The National Trial Lawyers, Premier Trial Lawyers Award presented to The Biker Lawyers Pete Leehey rated Top Lawyer in 2020 by Super Lawyers Avvo Rating 10.0 Superb presented to The Biker Lawyers
Client Champion Gold Award presented to The Biker Lawyers (Pete Leehey) Peter Leehey, recognized in 2021 for the highest honor available in peer review by Martindale-Hubbell Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Award 2020 presented to The Biker Lawyers

2021 Best Cedar Rapids Car Accident Lawyers presented to The Biker Lawyers

The Biker Lawyers, recognized as Best Personal Injury Laywers in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2021 by expertise.com Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Cedar Rapids 2020 presented to The Biker Lawyers

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