Car Accidents and Personal Injury Claims - a Road with two cars crashing.

Car crashes remain one of the most common accidents in the midwest.

In the moments after a car accident, the words and actions of all parties will impact your ability to file a claim. Knowing what to do, and what not to do is critical when it comes to protecting yourself after a crash. You might think that as long as you're respectful to the other party and acknowledge the situation, you're doing what's best. Unfortunately, accidents bring out the worst in many, such as insurance providers, law enforcement, or the other party's legal counsel. Insurance companies, for example, will evaluate all of your words and actions, looking for a reason to deny your claim.

We specialize in car accidents and can help you no matter where you're at in recovery. If you've never been in a collision before? Create a post-crash plan to consult with us if the time comes, and protect yourself in the event of an accident!

Even with seat belt laws in place, the injuries can be catastrophic. Knowing who to call and how to get help can serve to protect you from further damages and trauma. The months that follow are often painful, emotional, and difficult to manage. We’re here to help you as you heal. Take the pain out of dealing with insurance companies and or a responsible party who refuses to take responsibility.

"Each year in the United States, about three million people are nonfatally injured in motor vehicle crashes. ... Crash-related injuries are costly—medical care costs and productivity losses associated with injuries and deaths from motor vehicle crashes exceeded $75 billion in 2017." 

-CDC Motor Vehicle Injury Report

We’ll ride down Recovery Road with you, providing you with a clear path forward, and ensuring you receive the support you need to find justice.

Know Your Rights!

We've seen way too many car accident cases wrecked because victims weren't informed of their rights, so they made common mistakes that damaged their case. Make sure you don't lose your case because you didn't know the law or have a good Iowa car accident lawyer on your side.

We know how good people are often treated badly by insurance companies who are more worried about their own bottom line than helping people get back on their feet. If the unexpected happens and you find yourself in a car accident, know your rights.

1. You have the right to remain silent.

Much like with the police, insurance adjusters are allowed to take anything you say and use it against you to deny or fight your claim. They are not your friends. Their job is to pay you as little as possible (saving their company money) and still meet the obligations of your insurance coverage.

2. You have the right to an attorney (even if you aren't at fault).

After a car crash, you're entering unknown territory. It helps to have a guide, and you have the right to get one, don't let anyone tell you differently. Consult with and hire an attorney to help guide you through recovery.

3. You really do have the right to remain silent.

The right to remain silent means you don't have to give a statement to the other party's insurance company. You have the right to talk to an attorney before doing so. Iowa law also says you have the right to file a claim against your own insurance company. You don't have to mention that you are considering hiring or consulting with legal counsel when filing a claim with the insurance company. Often, adjusters may try to talk you out of hiring a lawyer.

And now, a word from our very own Cameron Leehey on talking to the other insurance company...

4. You have the right to privacy.

You are not required to sign the medical release sent to you by an insurance adjuster.

Car Accident FAQ

The Biker Lawyers have been helping people with car accident claims for decades. Here are two common questions you may be asking yourself:

1. Does it matter how much insurance I have on my car?

Yes. Other drivers on the road may not carry insurance, or the insurance coverage they have may not fully cover any damages you suffer. 

To protect yourself, uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance policies are key. While we do not advocate for insurance companies whatsoever, these forms of insurance may prove critical to you when recovering damages sustained in a serious accident.

2. How long will it take to reach a settlement?

There is no one size fits all prediction for how long it may take to reach a settlement. Some cases take as little as a few weeks, while others can take several months to a year. It will depend upon your situation. Here's our take...

Before you sign any documents for the insurance company, schedule a free consultation with The Biker Lawyers.

We’ll ride down Recovery Road with you, providing you with a clear path forward, and ensuring you receive the support you need to find justice.

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