5 Things Every Rider Must Know Before Heading to a Motorcycle Rally

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What to expect at a Biker Rally

Motorcycle rallies are a great place to meet new motorcyclists, enjoy some good food and drink, and discuss all things motorcycle-related. You will probably also find out about the latest products hitting the market and how they might benefit you as a rider or even just as an enthusiast.

However, there is more to these events than just riding around on your bike. If you’re going to a motorcycle rally for the first time or if you haven’t been in years, there are some things that will help make your experience more enjoyable.

Here are five things to keep in mind when planning to attend a biker rally:

1. You might not be able to make it to every event that happens during the rally

Rally goers visiting the biker lawyers tent at the Iowa freedom festival 2022

From mud pulls to bike shows, drag races, concerts, and daily “cool-down” contests, biker rallies are full of crazy events to check out. Make a schedule ahead of time and attend the events that you think will be your favorites.

A motorcycle rally can be overwhelming. There are so many events during the rally, and you might not be able to make it to every single one that you want to attend. This is why it’s a good idea to make a schedule ahead of time and plan out which events you want to see.

How to plan your rally schedule

If the rally has an official website or Facebook Event page, check there for a schedule of events. It will help keep track of what’s available throughout the weekend and where things are happening at certain times.

Include all the events that sound interesting on your list; this way, when it comes time for planning your schedule, nothing will have been forgotten!

Once again: remember that smaller events usually take place closer together than larger ones. A lot of people like going all over the venue at the same time. If you’re trying to not only save time but also save wear-and-tear on yourself while traveling around the event in general, try attending smaller gatherings within walking distance – even if those things aren’t necessarily related at all! Your body will thank you later!

2. Motorcycle rallies bring bikers together for a few days of fun and bonding

Motorcycle rallies are a great place to get involved in the community. It’s also a great opportunity for motorcyclists who have been riding for years to meet up, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

Because the community is like family, motorcycle groups often welcome members of all ages and experience levels. Most rallies will provide plenty of activities for riders—and non-riders—to enjoy together!

Rallies also serve as a way for bikers from across the country (and even around the globe!) to come together over their love of motorcycles and open roads. Whether it’s sharing stories about past rides or talking about future plans for adventures on two wheels, these events provide an amazing opportunity for people who share this passion to connect with one another in person.

3. Expect a variety of bikes at a rally

You should expect to see bikes of all makes, models, sizes, and styles. There may be vintage bikes in good condition as well as antique motorcycles that look like they came right out of the pages of a history book.

When waiting for a show or event, it’s not unusual to see a classic Harley Davidson sitting next to an Indian, next to an old Honda, all in a row of bikes.  We’ve even seen customized Suzukis, Kawasaki, and Yamaha motorcycles at some of the “Best Customized Imports” contests and bike shows!

4. A rally may be a great place to buy parts, accessories, and clothing

You can often find a variety of products at rallies: new and used motorcycles; parts for your bike; accessories (helmets and jackets) for anyone riding on the back of the bike; clothing (rain gear and blankes) for any weather; food and drink, items such as sunscreen, bug spray, energy drinks or water bottles.
Picture of a rain soaked road to promote rain gear accessories blog

Exclusive Accessories

Vendors may include everything from local artisan producers of motorcycle-themed accessories, clothing, apparel, and parts to artisans who make leather goods or metal work.

5. Expect the Unexpected!

motorcyclist racing down the strip trailing blue smoke at the Conesville redneck revival

Many rallies are like Vegas- what happens there, stays there. Make sure that you are aware of the age restrictions as not all rallies are appropriate for all ages. In fact, most rallies are 21+.

Of note, the ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally in Algona, Iowa is one of the biggest biker parties in the Midwest. Think of it like Iowa’s version of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It’s also 18+ to enter.

Arguably the wildest biker rally in the country actually takes place twice a year (once in May and once in September) in Conesville, Iowa. The Redneck Revival Rally is a great time, but only for adults. They won’t let kids in, but even if they did, you probably wouldn’t want your young ‘uns to witness the famous Naked Mud Run, seas of assless chaps, or other insane moments that take place.

What’s Next?

So, are you ready to head out on the road and experience one of these events for yourself? We hope this post has helped prepare you for what to expect when attending your first rally. It’s going to be a great time, so don’t forget to bring along some friends who love riding as much as you do!

If you’re not sure which Midwest motorcycle event to hit up first, click below to check out a complete list and find one in your area!
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