18745 IA-70
Conesville, IA 52739

Two different annual events:
1. Memorial Day Weekend
2. Labor Day Weekend
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Drag Racing Trike Motorcycle with blue smoke at the Conesville Redneck Revival in Conesville Iowa

Fun-lovin' biker rally with the self-identified rednecks.

Image to promote the annual Redneck Revival Rally in Conesville, Iowa

September 1-5, 2022

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Here's what to expect at the final REdneck Revival Rally of 2022:

  • Drag Racing
    • Bikes, Trikes, Cars, Trucks - All Welcome
  • Live Music Featuring
    • Jane Rose
    • North of 40
    • Framing the Red
    • Pearl
    • (Final Farewell) Bag Lady Sue Show
  • Adult Contests
  • Vendors
  • Camping

Redneck Revival Parking

  • South Side Parking = In for the weekend or $20 for EACH reentry.
  • North Side Parking vehicles may come in & go out as pleased with NO fee.
  • ALL vehicle occupants MUST show wristbands on return.
  • Vehicles should BE PARKED while on the grounds.
  • Grass Pass cruisers are allowed with registration at the front gate. NO VEHICLES "DOWNTOWN" & VENDOR ROW unless authorized (ie: volunteer help). This is to help keep traffic & dust down & people safe!

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Camping at The Redneck Revival Rally


  • PRIMITIVE camping land.
    • NO electrical hookups
      • generators welcome.

Campers, RVs, and Trailers

  • ALL RV/Camper/Sleeper/Travel Trailers drive to North Campground Only (unless its a small “trailer” sleeper pulled in on a Motorcycle).
  • All camper/RV/Trailers MUST be parked facing north/south.

Roping off (Saving a Campsite)

  • 10 days before Rally = Sunday the week before.
  • Roping is saving a campsite, NOT Early access to camp!
  • With changes Conesville has made thru the seasons, no early camping! This allows the staff to prepare the grounds for the Rally, & Vendors to set up safely.
  • No matter WHEN you come ON GROUNDS, signing the waiver is imperative!
  • You maintain your roped land.
  •  Mow early! Thursday DAY (mother nature allowing)
  • The Conesville staff will start straightening up the campground, managing & removing unused ropes Saturday afternoon.

Campfires 🔥

  • DO NOT bring in or burn wood with nails, staples, etc.
  • DO NOT burn foreign objects in your campfire 
  • DO NOT bury foreign objects


  • Sold on grounds.
    • Look for the RED TRUCK full of wood that drives around the grounds.

NO fireworks

  • No exceptions. Check the schedule for the official Fireworks show.


  • 18lb Bags. Sold on grounds at One Eyed Jack's.

Disclosure for Camping at the Redneck Revival Rally

"We are an outdoor experience. Therefore, we do not give refunds due to the discomforts of nature. The fun continues rain or shine! Each guest assumes all risks and dangers incidental to the activity of camping in an outdoor environment including specifically (but not exclusively), the danger of being injured by insects and/or other flying objects that may occur from racing or mudding at the Conesville Event Grounds.  The owners, vendors, employees, volunteers are not liable for injuries or property damages resulting in or from such activities, environmental situations, while at Conesville Event Grounds."

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2022 Redneck Revival Rally Event Schedule

Thursday, September 1

  • 10 AM: Gates open
  • 8 PM: Pre Perv Party (Possum Lodge)- 3 on 3
    • Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys
  • 9 PM: Pro Perv Package
    • Friend Basket Auctions
    • Best Couple Contest at Possum Lodge

Friday, September 2

  • 11 AM Drivers Meeting
  • 12 PM Track Opens
    • Track OPEN til 6 PM
  • 6 PM - 1:30 AM DJ Lil Miss Mina Kaye Party- (One-Eyed Jacks)
  • 7 PM Camp Smitty’s Titty Krewe Parade (New Orleans Style!)
  • 8 PM - Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys (Main Stage)
  • 10 PM - North of 40 (Main Stage)

Saturday, September 3

  • 11AM - Drivers meeting
    • ALL Racers go over Rules/Q&A
  • 12Noon - Color Guard Opening Ceremony
    • READY, SET, RWB! TnT! etc!
  • 3 PM - XXX GOOCH’n’GASH for CASH 
    • Coed Naked Mud Pit Run
  • 4 PM - Cager King of the Hill
  • 6 PM -  👑 XXX Redneck Royalty Court 👑  
    • XXX Queen /King Stripper Contest (Stripper Pole stage)
  • 8 PM - DJ Lil Miss Mina Kaye Party! (One Eyed Jacks)
  • 8 PM - Bag Lady Sue (Main Stage)
  • 10 PM - Framing The Red (Main Stage)
  • DUSK - Fireworks Show 
  • LATE NITE: XXX What T-Shirt Contest
    • Stripper stage (New Location)
  • Burnout Box Open

Sunday, September 4

  • 5:00 PM Wine down and chill
    • One-Eyed Jacks
      • Live music by Pearl

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Important Information and Rules of the Redneck Revival Rally:

The Rules for the Redneck Revival Rally are simple. 

1. No Clubs

3. No Colors

4. No Support Shirts

5. No pets

6. This event is an adults-only event (21+)

- This is not a family-friendly event as the Redneck Revival famously features the naked mud run and other crazy "debauchery". 

8. Conesville Event Grounds is private land with a Campground. Showgrounds, a drag strip, sand drags, and a Play Palace.

9. Drag Races:

  • Helmets Required for All Racers
  • Seat belts are required in cagers

10. Motorcycle Races:

  • Racers must bring their own protection.
    • A leather coat, boots, and gloves are highly recommended. Helmets are required

11. Grass Pass:

  • FREE Registration at front gate.
    • Golf carts, 4 wheelers, side-by-sides are welcome on the premises, to be “ground cruisers” marked with grass passes!
    • Please place your personal identifiable reflective sticker visibly on front half of your approved ground cruiser:
      • Golf cart
      • 4 wheeler
      • side-by-side
12. Conesville Events claims no liability for accidents 13. All visitors, including their camp equipment & supplies, must vacate The Grounds by 10 PM the event end date, if not followed by a holiday, stated or approved for otherwise. 14. LOST & FOUND located at the Token Booth.

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2022 Conesville Redneck Revival Event Grounds Map (Click Image to Download)

Map of the Redneck Revival Biker Rally in Conesville, IA.

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