Top Advice for Recovering Compensation from Your Insurance Company

Posted on August 25, 2021 at 10:30 AM by The Biker Lawyers


It’s not always the other insurance company that tries to stiff you.

After faithfully paying your insurance premiums in an effort to protect your finances in the event of an accident, you had every reason to believe that your insurer would keep their end of the bargain.

“After our accident, we were going on blind faith that the insurance companies would do what was right in our situation. It seemed so black and white to me. Through the course of the year or so gathering information, finishing up medical appointments, and waiting to hear back from representatives, we realized it wasn’t even close to over. It was time to hire a lawyer…”

-Candrace Jones

(Read the rest of Candrace’s story here.)

Image relaying a statistic about motorcycle accidents that links to a free personal injury guideYou reach out to them several times, provide the requested documents and evidence, and do everything you are supposed to… only to be told that you won’t be receiving what you expected.

Now that your insurer has chosen to provide you with inadequate compensation for your injury claim, you may need to pursue legal action to recover the compensation you were promised under the terms of your policy.

Recovering from an injury following a motorcycle accident will require a great deal of your time and attention. Every case is different and you may not need legal action to resolve the issues you face. That said, a free consultation with Dan, Pete, or Cam will help you determine your best steps forward on your road to recovery.

You may find you should work with a motorcycle attorney to develop a legal strategy that is intended to help you recover compensation so you can do just that.

Compensation for Your Medical Injury Claim

Depending upon the exact terms of your insurance policy, you may be owed compensation to help you deal with the financial damages associated with the motorcycle accident you were involved in. With that in mind, your insurer may owe you compensation for expenses associated with the following:

  • Medical and rehabilitative care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Home care
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future income

Whatever the particulars of your situation, we can help you understand exactly what compensation your insurer owes to you. Once we know what you should be owed, we will begin formulating a legal strategy to help you recover those funds.

Consult with Biker Lawyers Cam, Pete, or Dan

If your insurance company is denying your claim for compensation, you should speak with one of the personal injury attorneys with The Biker Lawyers to begin assessing what legal repercussions may be available to you.

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