The Importance of Proper Hand and Arm Positioning

Posted on April 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM by The Biker Lawyers

The Power of Proper Posture while Riding a Motorcycle

It may seem simple, and many veteran riders don’t give hand and arm positioning a second thought, but for new riders, it’s important to know proper motorcycle riding posture.

Riding a motorcycle is good for you, both mentally and physically. Sure, riding a motorcycle makes you feel free, but it can also put your body through the wringe!
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It’s a workout, especially for your core, legs, and arms. As with any workout, rides (especially over long distances) can leave you feeling stiff and sore.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tennis elbow, and thumb arthritis are all typical problems of the hand and wrist that riders can face due to improper motorcycle riding position, but riding a motorcycle and having hand pain don’t have to go together. This article might help reduce a bit of that soreness so you can enjoy every ride, every time.

Relaxed arms and wrists are very important when riding a motorcycle

Here’s a quick overview of our safe riding tips:

  • Don’t lock your wrists.

    • It is never safe to lock out your wrists when riding. Even in emergency situations, it’s best not to lock them if you can help it.

  • Don’t bend your wrists excessively.

    • If you bend your wrists too much, they will quickly become uncomfortable, and you may cramp up.

  • Relaxed arms are better than stiff arms. 

    • Stiff arms will wear you out quickly and make it harder to react with the necessary speed.

  • Your grip on the handle grips should be partway between firm and loose; over gripping will fatigue your hands quickly.

    • Everything else should be loose so that you don’t build up tension, which will slow your reactions and cause you to tire faster.

Relaxing for the Ride

For the most comfortable ride possible, riders need to find keep their arms relaxed. This also helps to absorb some of the impacts from bumps in the road. The right grip can help with your overall body position and aid in riding safely. The best way to do this is by keeping your elbows slightly bent. This allows us to relax our shoulders and keep our arms loose.

The main idea for proper arm positioning on a motorcycle is to be relaxed, with your wrists and elbows slightly bent

Relaxed unlocked arms are important; otherwise, your arms and body will absorb the shock of every bump in the road.

Think of it as allowing your bike, not your body, to be the shock absorber. This will make those long rides more comfortable, largely taking fatigue and stiffness out of the equation. Enjoy the ride!

Need a new ride?

Sometimes a rough ride is the result of a janky bike. Sure you could take it to the shop or work on it yourself… or… and hear us out here… you could get a new one! If you liked this article, click the image below to check out another we think you’ll like about where to get an American made motorcycle!
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