The Biker Lawyers: Rebels with a Cause

Posted on March 1, 2021 at 12:07 PM by The Biker Lawyers


The word “lawyer” tends to conjure a very specific image.

Whether or not you’ve ever hired an attorney, the word “lawyer” tends to conjure a very specific image, especially when you throw in things like “personal injury attorney”.
I’m sure you know what I’m talking about; rarely are lawyers shown in a positive light.

Truthfulness and caring are two attributes not often used in the same sentence as a lawyer. In fact, a suited-up, rule-bending opportunist. That’s how most people view lawyers.

I get it, why wouldn’t most people see lawyers as vultures who feed on the pain and suffering of others? Honestly, I went to law school with plenty of people who fit that description. Many of those same people now work as insurance defense attorneys, committing their time (and souls) to figuring out ways to keep injured people from getting fair settlements. These are the stereotypical lawyers; traditional lawyers.

I joined The Biker Lawyers because they aren’t traditional.

I don’t wake up and wear a suit to work, discussing the latest elegant social event in an attempt to ingratiate myself to my colleagues or bosses.

I put on jeans, a t-shirt, and boots, then go talk with our team about whose case needs our attention that day. You see, we don’t function the same way traditional law firms do, because we refuse to get caught in the same mindset they have.

Lawyers in traditional firms spend time wasting hours trying to climb a social ladder, licking boots trying to get the partner’s attention, evenings at pricier restaurants around town, driving the “right” status car, and for what? To “secure their spot” in the legal market? No thanks.

Who Are The Biker Lawyers?

At The Biker Lawyers, we’d rather ride out to a small-town bar and support the local community. We eat at the local businesses where we offer our legal services. We go to bike rallies and serve in multiple biker organizations, giving our time to you, rather than dumping money into some tax write-off charity you’ve never heard of.

You’ll catch us riding a motorcycle any day of the week, but you’ll probably never catch us at some over-priced gala. It’s not who we are.

In other words, we not only have no desire to join those lawyers who strive for ivory towers, but we walk the walk.  It’s the biking community that we’re here for. If you’re reading this, odds are you get that. Odds are you aren’t too fond of watching big money run rampant over the little guy, over small businesses, over the working man. We get it, we’re right there with ya.

We aren’t traditional lawyers, because we’d rather earn your trust by our actions. We’re not the typical personal injury attorneys.

The personal injury cases we take on, we take personally. We thrive on being the best at what we do and doing it without all the fancy crap. We’d rather you looked at us and immediately understood that we are here for you first, and you are the priority.

We’ll give you some context.

Many traditional personal injury law firms take a “turn and burn” approach with new cases. Especially motorcycle and car accident cases. 

Firms that fit this description look at motorcycle cases as difficult to win, because they don’t understand motorcyclists in the first place. They tend to think that motorcycle cases are just like any other motor vehicle case. Some of these guys even have long-standing relationships with opposing insurance companies that interfere with their judgment.

It’s a fact that at least one so-called biker firm is more worried about their relationship with insurance companies than they are about getting you top dollar for your case. This particular firm is reluctant to take cases to trial, (even wrongful death cases) for fear of damaging their relationship with the insurance companies. Let me say that again: These guys are more worried about their reputation and relationship with insurance companies than those that these insurance companies are trying to screw over.
With firms like this, you’re in the dark the entire time, so you have no way of knowing what they’re doing.

The Biker Lawyers, on the other hand, will go to war for you. 

I can’t tell you how often we look at the initial settlement offer and roll our eyes before picking up the phone to let the insurance company know to stop wasting your time.
We’ve fought for client after client, getting them the best deal possible, winning battle after battle, and we do most of it without putting on a suit. 
When it’s necessary though, make no mistake: We suit up and go to trial, and the insurance companies know it. The insurance companies fear it.

Traditional law firms produce traditional results. 

You deserve better. You deserve to have your case handled by a law firm that not only specializes in motorcycle cases (yes, we will handle your case if you happen to be in a car at the time of injury as well), but in being a part of your community. 

You are us. We are you.  

We don’t wear suits because we aren’t traditional lawyers, and we don’t want to be. We’re the team that you come to when you’re ready to win. 
Give us a call if you or a loved one needs us. We’re here to protect your community from the suits and get you the results you deserve.

Rebelliously Yours,

The Biker Lawyers


Reputation Earned

“After our accident, we were going on blind faith that the insurance companies would do what was right in our situation. It seemed so black and white to me. Through the course of the year or so gathering information, finishing up medical appointments and waiting to hear back from representatives, we realized it wasn’t even close to over. 

It was time to hire a lawyer. We met Cameron and the rest of the lawyers from the Biker Lawyers, P.C. at a bike night. I took their card and contacted them right away that following week. When I called the office, the receptionist was courteous and knowledgeable. She took down a short summary of what I needed and told me someone would be in touch soon. Cameron called me the next day. 

Throughout the entire process, he kept us informed. He made sure we understood every step and advised us accordingly. I am very thankful I called The Biker Lawyers, P.C. Our case is completed and we are relieved. I would highly recommend their office!”

-Candrace Jones

Sick of the suits overcharging and underserving you? Contact us today.

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