How much can you get for personal injury claims?

There are too many variables to give a concise answer with any degree of accuracy.

The short answer is that we highly recommend you talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer such as Pete or Dan as soon as possible.

A bodily injury claim is a type of personal injury claim. The method used to pursue a personal injury claim is critical. In nearly all cases, an injured person has little or no experience in dealing with insurance and law.  On the other hand, an insurance adjuster deals in bodily injury claims every day, and it is part of the job for an adjuster to pay out the smallest award possible.

If the injuries and damages are severe, the best thing an injured person can do is consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Being represented by a knowledgeable attorney who is an expert in personal injury cases almost always results in much higher money settlement payouts, even after attorney fees and litigation expenses are accounted for.

Have more questions about your personal injury claim’s value?

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