How long does a personal injury lawsuit take?

Typically one to three years, although it can settle in the first few weeks.

This question usually goes hand-in-hand with how long will it take to reach a settlement.


It’s a common question, with no solid answer. Each case is different, but typically, from start to finish, a personal injury lawsuit resolves in settlement or trial within 1-3 years.

Your personal injury lawyer will want to help you resolve your case as fast as possible. To this, you’ll want to file your lawsuit as fast as possible. It’s no secret that insurance companies like to hold on to their money as long as they can, even when it is rightfully your money.

An early trial date means the insurance company will have to pay sooner rather than later. Traditionally, the trial date will be about a year after the case is filed.

At The Biker Lawyers, our goal is to have your case ready for settlement as soon as possible. If your case is one of the few that don’t settle, your trial date is the safety net to keep the insurance company from playing the delay game.

Most of the time, you must be patient to get at the top dollar to repay you for your personal injury damages.

“What happens if I refuse a Settlement offer?”

Refusing a settlement offer means that the insurance company no longer has to keep that offer open to you in the future.

In the majority of cases, the first offer an insurance company makes for settlement is far from the best offer the insurance company is willing to make to settle your case. The best way to get a top-dollar settlement that pays out the most money to you is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

Have questions about your personal injury timeline?

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