A personal injury is typically a physical injury to a person's body, caused by someone else's fault.

In many cases, personal injuries that are caused by someone else qualify for monetary (money) compensation.

A personal injury is a physical injury to a person’s body, caused by someone else’s fault, that qualifies for monetary money compensation. This compensation usually comes from the at-fault person’s insurance policy. Someone who makes a personal injury claim is called a plaintiff. The person or company that harmed the plaintiff is called a defendant.

An easy way to remember this is that the plaintiff files a lawsuit, and the defendant, well, defends. Any injury you suffer because of the fault (negligence)of another is a personal injury.  Negligent actions are basically stupid decisions that have no excuse and then result in harm. For example: if Bob runs a red light crashing into your motorcycle, Bob would be negligent, or at fault, for the injuries he caused.

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