Failure to Supervise a Child

Posted on June 16, 2020 at 2:59 PM by The Biker Lawyers

A great deal of trust is involved when you leave your child under the supervision of another person. You have to trust that the individual will adequately protect your loved one. If this person fails to appropriately supervise your child and your child sustains an injury as a result, anger and distress are reasonable reactions. You can also react by taking legal action against the individual and working with a lawyer to file a negligent supervision case. At daycares, failure to supervise is one of the most common reasons for a child’s injury.

Injuries That Can Result From Lack of Supervision

Teachers, babysitters, daycare providers, and other childcare workers may wrongly leave a child unsupervised. When a child is unattended—knowingly or unknowingly—almost anything can happen. Even in a child-safe daycare facility, children can sustain injuries from:

  • Falling from heights
  • Choking
  • Physical altercations with other children
  • Ingesting dangerous substances
  • Animal bites and stings

With proper supervision, most injuries in childcare facilities can be avoided. Failure to supervise can be the fault of an individual caretaker or the fault of an employer who failed to hire enough employees to properly supervise the children in their care.

Consult with The Biker Lawyers at Cedar Rapids

If your child has experienced injury due to a caretaker’s failure to supervise, you should speak with an experienced attorney with The Biker LawyersCall our office in Cedar Rapids or click the image below to discuss the specifics of your case at (877) 209-9452.

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