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Cedar Rapids, Linn IA 52404


Phone            1-855-515-6884
Manager         Bryan
Hours              24/7, 365

Biker Gear, Biker Clothing, Biker Apparel, shop online today.

We are excited to be working with Viking Bags and Viking Cycle to try out their products!

Check them out here:

Review of Viking Products:

Review of Viking Bag

Excellent quality, delightful design, perfect performance. We’re absolutely thrilled with this product. Thanks to Viking Cycle for sending it our way! You can purchase yours at the following link:

Review of Viking Cycle Thor Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men

While this is a bit bulky for a riding jacket, the protection it offers is clearly top-of-the-line. With a massive amount of pockets and cleverly hidden vents, this jacket keeps you well prepared and cool for the ride ahead. You can find them at the following link:


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