Whiskey Jo’s

4617 J St SW
Cedar Rapids, Linn IA 52404


Phone                319-200-4451
Website           https://whiskeyjos.com
Hours                11:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Ambassador of Flavors Presents: Whiskey Jo’s Full Review

I just checked out Whiskey Jo’s Pub & Grub on J Street in Cedar Rapids.  They apparently have a new menu since I was there sometime last year.  The most obvious change was the addition of pizza to the menu.  I asked the bartender what their best seller was, and she pointed me to the tenderloin.

If you classify tenderloins as either being thick or thin, this one seems to fall somewhere in the middle.  It’s a whole-muscle piece of meat and definitely not a pork fritter.  The breading is made with Ritz crackers and seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices.  It has a very meaty flavor, and nothing was overpowering.  It is unlike any other I have had so far, and it is one of the better ones available in this area.  If you like tenderloins, you should absolutely put this one on your list to try.

I got the fries and a side of mac and cheese.  Their fries are skinny like McDonald’s fries.  I like to dip them in queso, so I got some of that too.  The mac and cheese is nacho cheese flavored.  It has some Ro-Tel tomatoes or something to give it a little kick.

They have a good selection of appetizers, and I personally like the gouda mac and cheese bites.  I think other people must like them more than I do because the last few times I tried to get some, they were out.  I would encourage you to go visit their Facebook page to get a full menu and see what you might like.

One of the things I was happiest to find was the fresh-squeezed lemonade.  I haven’t found any that didn’t come out of a Pepsi fountain for a very long time.  They also showed me a large bucket in the cooler, where they were soaking an assortment of veggies in liquor for their premium bloody Mary.

They have live music and karaoke on a regular basis.  Check out their Facebook page for the complete schedule.  The parking lot is big enough to fit quite a few bikes, and during the summer, I always see plenty of them lined up outside.

A note from Will Carter, The Ambassador of Flavors:

“This is one of many biker bar reviews I will be doing on a weekly basis.  The goal is to promote local bars as destinations for motorcycle enthusiasts.  These reviews will be part of an online resource created to help bikers find bars with good food and entertainment.”

More about Whiskey Jo’s

At Whiskey Jo’s they want to make sure that you have the best experience possible by providing a clean friendly atmosphere with an amazing staff, delicious food, cold drinks, and live music at least 4 days a week.


We all need a place to relax after work, so why not do it with a drink in your hand? Join Whiskey Jo’s for Happy Hour every weekday from 3 pm-6 pm!


Our local music scene is popping and Whiskey Jo’s wanted to showcase some of the best talent around, who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite band! Stop by on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5-8 pm Fridays 7-11 pm or 8-Midnight and

Saturdays 4-8 pm or 8-12


What bar would be complete without a few games to blow off steam? After you grab a drink, feel free to ask any of the staff to borrow some darts or go plug some money into our games to win tickets for drinks!

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