Screaming Eagle American Bar and Grill

228 E 4th St
Waterloo, Black Hawk IA 50703


Phone                  319-235-8865
Manager              Jeremy
Hours                   Every day from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM



Screaming Good Food at the Screaming Eagle

Not long ago, I went to hear a country band at Screaming Eagle in Waterloo.  I got there right after the kitchen had already closed, so I left very curious about what kind of food this place might have.  When I saw an opportunity to get real mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, I jumped at the chance and ordered their Boss Bowl. 

\Usually, I have to wait for a certain day of the week and catch just the right lunch special to find real comfort food like this, but they actually have it as a menu item that you can get whenever you want it.  The server told me their Screaming Fatboy sandwich was really good, so I decided to try that one too.

The Screaming Fatboy Sandwich

Hopefully, I got a good enough picture of that Screaming Fatboy sandwich so that you can get some idea of what ingredients it contains.  The menu says it’s thinly sliced ribeye, pepper jack cheese, sauteed onions, jalapeno bacon, lettuce & spicy mayo on a toasted hoagie bun. 

When I try any sandwich with meat, the first thing I want to know is if that meat is seasoned.  I also don’t want it to be tough or dry.  The beef inside this thing has some really good flavor.  They cooked everything just right, so the meat was tender and still had plenty of juice to it.

The Boss Bowl

The boss bowl turned out to be my favorite.  I think they had me from “homemade mashed potatoes”.  Such a thing has become so rare, that I get overly excited when I find it.  This bowl not only had mashed potatoes, but it had tater tots, gravy, roast beef, cut up chicken tenders, brisket, onions, corn, and cheese on top.  As soon as I found some of the roast beef, I spent the rest of the time digging around in that bowl trying to find every piece that I could. 

“They really nailed the roast beef at Screaming Eagle, and it’s probably some of the best pot roast that I have found in Iowa.” -Will Carter, The Ambassador of Flavor

A screaming good time- more than food

Screaming Eagle has a lot more to offer than just food.  Like I said earlier, my first trip here was to see a live band.  They have a nice setup for music, so be sure to check out their schedule on Facebook. 

They have a basement area that they call “The Pit”. 

The Pit

It’s pretty much a commercial-grade man cave that you can rent out for your private parties and gatherings.  They have a separate bar down there along with a pool table.

You can tell from the décor that the place is very biker focused.  So, as you would expect, they have bike nights and other coordinated events to keep their biker clientele happy.  If you ever find yourself near Waterloo, head downtown and enjoy the scenery provided by the river flowing through the heart of town and be sure to check out Screaming Eagle while you are there.

A note from Will Carter, The Ambassador of Flavors:

“This is one of many biker bar reviews I will be doing on a weekly basis.  The goal is to promote local bars as destinations for motorcycle enthusiasts.  These reviews will be part of an online resource created to help bikers find bars with good food and entertainment.”

The Screaming Eagle American Bar and Grill is exactly what it says, an American Bar and Grill featuring a great atmosphere, live music, banquet facility, games, state of the art flat screen TV’s and sound system, and “real food for real people”!

Everything from burgers to wraps to some of the Cedar Valley’s greatest sandwiches are found here! A very patriotic place, we are “the one-stop shop” where you can watch sports, have an appetizer and great meal, watch a game, then watch a great band.

Stop in today and learn great service is from someone who cares!


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