The Ultimate Rock Festival Survival Guide

Posted on September 20, 2022 at 1:07 PM by The Biker Lawyers

So You Want To Attend A Rock Festival

Seeing your favorite band can be an exhilarating experience, trust me I know. You buy the ticket to your favorite venue, count down the days until the concert, and then you’re waiting on pins and needles wishing the show could just GO ON right?

Well, there is kind of a remedy to that. Where the show continues to go on after your favorite band took the stage. Then, right around the corner is yet ANOTHER band performing.

Yes, folks, I am talking about something you need to experience: attending a weekend rock festival.

As someone who has attended a rock festival EVERY YEAR since 2009, I have become an expert in the field of surviving these glorious weekends. After all these years I’ve learned how you can make the most out of your  festival weekend.

I have been fortunate enough to attend 2 and 3-day festivals in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and of course, all of them are rock festivals.

Not to brag but I’ve had the opportunity to see Slayer, Soundgarden, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Danzig, Ghost, P.O.D, Shinedown, Going to rock festivals has given me the chance to see hundreds of iconic bands, big and small.


Side note, if you dig Shinedown, click below to check this out…

Fortunately here in Iowa, we have a REALLY BIG one right next door. Just a stone’s throw away, in Cadott Wisconsin, is the annual Rock Fest. They have a full weekend loaded with multiple stages, tons of food, and even the option to camp on the grounds. How cool is that?

Rock Fest has welcomed bands to their stages in Cadott since the 90s. This jam has been going on for well over 20 years. Heck, the very first lineup they had at this thing was Cheap Trick, Foghat, Eddie Money, and REO Speedwagon! Compare that to 2022 when Disturbed, Lamb of God, Mudvayne, and Halestorm took the stage. You could say it has grown quite a bit.

How do you survive such an epic 4-day event like this one?

Five Tips for Making the Most of a Rock Festival

Follow these easy steps to make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime experience:

1. Buy Your Tickets ASAP

First I suggest buying your tickets right when they go on sale as many of these festivals do tier pricing where the longer you wait. The higher the ticket price is going to be, so SAVE SOME MONEY!

2. Choose Where You’ll Stay

Where will you sleep? Would you prefer camping or a hotel? While having an RV camper or popup would be ideal, you can always pitch a tent!

Camping Out

Camping at a Rock Festival can be a great time. While it is definitely a fun part of the rock n’ roll experience there can be setbacks. You’ll have to use public showers and bathrooms and go without cool air.

Finding a Hotel

All that being said, I am a BIG FAN of a hotel or motel. Its a time to get away from the chaos. There’s running water, a soft bed, and air conditioning.

After a HOT SWEATY DAY of rocking out, a comfy clean bed and shower are extremely rejuvenating.

3. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

This is where things can start eating at your wallet if you’re not prepared. Before you head into the festival, plan what you’ll do for food ahead of time. You could eat a big breakfast before you head in so you can focus on the tunes instead.

Be sure to budget for food. These festivals always have vendors with epic feasts available. Without a budget you can easily over indulge when surrounded by such good food.

4. Don’t Forget To Drink Water

Before you get shit-face wasted, remember: Water is your best friend. Beer is great, but water will keep you alive! Many festivals are now allowing you to bring in a clear water bottle. If they allow it, DO IT! Not to sound like a downer here, but dehydration is a real threat at these kinds of events!

5. Bring Your Own Bag

A good string backpack, if allowed, will do you good when you buy merchandise from your favorite bands. Without it, you’ll just have to stick that $50 shirt in your pocket and rock that big bulge.

If you follow all these steps, you’ll be sure to have an epic time and easily survive your next rock festival!

About The Biker’s Ambassador of Rock

If you live in the Cedar Valley in Iowa, you probably know Ned. If not, you surely know his voice! Ned, the Music Director at Rock 108, is known for his energetic personality, wild spirit, and love for all things Live rock. In an epic collaboration with Rock 108, Ned will be presenting excellent inside experiences to our motorcycle riding community exclusively here so subscribe to the blog and check back every week to see what Ned’s up to next!


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