The Quest for the Perfect Piece (Gun Shopping and More)

Posted on May 23, 2022 at 3:56 PM by The Biker Lawyers

Guns and Ammo Culture in Iowa

I’ve been on a quest to join the guns and ammo culture in Iowa.

“It’s nice to live in a state where guns aren’t necessarily frowned upon and ownership of one tags the owner as a potential homicidal maniac, rather a responsible member of society with legitimate pro-gun views and a lover of the Second Amendment. ” 

-Russ, The Ambassador of Ammo

It all started a few weeks ago when I was invited for a day of shooting on a farm in Urbana (Carman farms) with a bunch of the locals who are also P-1s to Rock 108.  It was a great day.  We had many different platforms: pistols, long guns, and shotguns.

A Range of Targets on the Range

We shot steel targets, Zombie bleeding targets [as seen in the video above], and even blew stuff up with Tannerite targets. Skeet shooting was also on the menu and while I had two goes at the clay, I was never able to score one… being bested by a 5-year-old with what looked like a toy gun [not seen in the video above] which of course it wasn’t, it was a shogun sized for a young’un.

After this experience, I decided I needed a new hobby, one that maybe offers me some comfort and protection too in uncertain times.

Fast forward a few weeks and I hook up with Wade and the folks at Midwest shooting to expand my knowledge of weapons and what a ride this has been.  Brian, Ned, and I took a class at Midwest Shooting in firearms safety, learned how to handle various guns, and then had a friendly target competition where I came in dead last.

Side note from the author: my geezer-ish thumbs were not very good at loading the magazines, I will definitely need an auto-loader.

So, I have a little work to do to sharpen my skills.  Over the next few weeks, I will be going to Midwest shooting, where they allow you to try-it before you buy-it, and try to figure out what my best option is for a firearm.  I will post everything as both videos and blogs so you can follow along. Also, If you have suggestions of what guns I should try out drop a comment on the Facebook post or send me an email to

Some questions I have (that maybe we can answer together): 

  1. I seem to handle and be more accurate with low-energy guns.  I was most accurate with the .22 revolver and the .22 rifle.  So, do you think I should stick with .22 caliber?
  2. Does it normally take a little longer to get comfortable with the higher energy weapons and the control of the recoil? 
  3. I do realize it’s been only two days of shooting and any new endeavor takes time and practice but, I want it all and I want it now! How do I stay patient?!

That’s it for this week. Will I ever find The Perfect Piece? Check back with me, The Ambassador of Ammo, every week to follow my journey into the world of guns and ammo.

About Russ, The Ambassador of Ammo

Known as a professional Radio Gypsy, Russ is the voice of “crazy stories and bad behavior” on Rock 108 every weekday from 10AM – 2PM. Make sure to subscribe to this blog for email updates when Russ posts a new experience!

Fun Russ Fact: Russ is also the voice actor who plays the role of Michael Hunt in GTA 3 and appears as Michael and other characters throughout the franchise.

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