The Black Moods, Royal Bliss Ride The Chrome Horse Saloon

Posted on May 31, 2022 at 11:24 AM by The Biker Lawyers


Royal Bliss, The Black Moods, Luke Thomas, and Flex Rock the Chrome Horse!

This weekend I made my way to a show right in Cedar Rapids in the Newbo Area! I’ve been to the Chrome Horse in Newbo a few times now, but never for a show. I always saw their outdoor stage and thought ‘Man, that’d be pretty rad for a rock show someday.’

Looks like I got my answer this past Thursday night as familiars to the area Royal Bliss and The Black Moods were coming to town for a show at the Chrome Horse, so naturally, I made my way to the show.

Luke Thomas

Opening the show were a couple groups, one of them based out of Cedar Rapids! The first actually being a country artist named Luke Thomas. While I’m not normally a super fan of country music, he was a great start up to the show, even playing a song I was familiar with named ‘Chicken Fried.’ While he didn’t have a full band behind him, he was a fantastic artist to watch.



Next up was Cedar Rapids locals Flex, which I was able to catch a few songs of them as I was asked to come aboard the tour bus for The Black Moods!

The Black Moods

The Black Moods and I go back a little bit as they played a show in Waterloo, Rock 108 was jamming their tune ‘Bad News’ heavily, and we all got together and caught up for a bit. Bassist Jordan Hoffman and I even shared some stories about Ohio (where he is from) and me heading to Cedar Point there soon! But, I had to get kicked off so they could warm up before show time.

The Black Moods hit the stage and they are just a ton of fun to watch and look like they are having a blast on stage anytime they play. Songs like Bad News, Sunshine, and even their latest track Saturday night are so easy and fun to sing along with.


What’s even better is hearing the crowd follow along with them as they sung their last song ‘Bella Donna’ to which the crowd sang out loud ‘I want you, I need you.’

I must point out though, as someone who wears close kinds cozy and baggy? Those dudes keep their clothes nice and tight, and I thought ‘Dude, there is no way I could wear my pants like that!’ Just a weird observation, but that’s the funny stuff I look at for a rock performance.

Royal Bliss

Lastly the main event was here, Royal Bliss. I have seen these guys plenty of times either at solo shows or festivals to the point where we have all developed a fun working relationship. When the guys are in town? We make a bit of effort to stop by and say hey for bit, maybe even grab a burger if time allows. Bliss got onstage and started the set with one of their crowd pleasers Hard and Loud which the crowd of course went nuts for.


One of my favorite things about this band performing live is that they are very interactive with the audience, with one audience member pointing out that Neil the lead singer shaved his beard, which Neil replied ‘Yea, no beard this tour! Although I feel like without the beard, I gained a chin!’ Neil, I feel ya man, it’s the reason I have facial hair. The show continued on with hits like Medication, The Devil with Angel Eyes, and it was a nearly perfect night!

Weather wise, a little cold, but the beer was flowing the Brisket Wrap with waffle fries I ordered hit the spot along with a great rock show.

Make sure to check out Chrome Horse for more shows likely coming this way!

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