The Best Outdoor Show of the Summer? A Day to Remember…

Posted on August 29, 2022 at 10:00 AM by The Biker Lawyers

Nothing is better than an outdoor concert in the summer. Thankfully Eastern Iowa has been getting some good ones lately! Not too long ago, when I talked about Daughtry at the McGrath Amphitheater, I mentioned how it was my first time going there in all the years I’ve lived in Iowa. Now in 2022, I will have attended 2 concerts at the McGrath Amphitheater. Both times have blown me away.

This time Bad Omens, Beartooth, and a Day to Remember were playing at the McGrath Amphitheater in Cedar Rapids. I’ve been following these bands pretty well throughout my career in radio and as a general listener. This concert was something a tad newer, heavier, and had a crowd full of my type of people. Black shirts, skirts, tattoos, and piercings. It was clear we were in for an epic show.

BearTooth Excites Fans

Sadly I missed most of Bad Omens show. As a Dad, getting a babysitter on a weekday can be difficult and mine wasn’t available at that time. However, we did make it for Beartooth, which truth be told, is a band I’m much more familiar with.

They played some of their best hits like Hated, The Past is Dead, In Between, and You Never Know. It was fantastic! The lead singer, Caleb Shomo, who refuses to wear a shirt, is one hell of a showman. It’s probably a good idea to go without it because the thing would be covered in sweat anyway!

Fans were clearly excited to see BearTooth. There was a woman along the barricade with marker in hand, holding a sign that read, “Caleb, design my tattoo!” Being the cool dude he is,  between songs he got down to the floor and took a little time to scribble something together for her. I bet that was a moment she won’t soon forget. Will she get the tattoo though? We’ll have to wait and see.

My only issue with the show was that sounded like the mic was a little off during their performance. It sounded like it was too bright in the vocals. Which hey, it happens, but I wasn’t the only one who thought as much, at least looking at their Facebook comments.

A Day to Remember Lights It Up

Originally known as End of an Era, the last to hit the stage was A Day to Remember.

Seeing them was kind of a full-circle experience. The last time that I saw them, well, I kind of pissed off their management. Absolutly nothing was the bands fault. It’s a long story, and maybe I’ll share it at some point, but ultimately the experience left a sour taste in my mouth. Like being forced to remember an embarrassing moment you’ve tried to forget? Yeah, that feeling.

They started off with some of their newer hits like Paranoia. What really got me pumped was when they played some of their classics that I was more familiar with like All I Want or 2nd Sucks. They had an amazing light show and this huge screen behind them playing videos that really immersed you in the experience. They put on a great live show. I was able to close that awkward chapter and walk away feeling a little better finally seeing them live again after all those years.

My Ideal Concert Crowd

I can’t forget to mention how great the crowd was! Even if they were a bit drunk and dumb, it was refreshing to see so many familiar-looking faces. Faces that fell into my age range. I go to many concerts consistently, and this had to be my favorite-looking crowd of all the ones I’ve been to lately. There was just this vibe I felt with them that I haven’t felt at a concert in a long time. It felt like a small show in a big venue. It was the fans that really made this a night to remember.

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