The 40-Yard Challenge

Posted on August 24, 2022 at 8:00 AM by The Biker Lawyers

Creating a New Shooting Challenge

I was discussing with Wade at Midwest Shooting in Hiawatha various VLOG ideas and we liked the idea of challenges a lot.

I reminded him about the statement he made after a 21-year-old man who carries, took out an active shooter during a mass-shooting event from 40 yards.

Wade said that was a hell of a shot and that he wasn’t sure he could put many rounds on a target 40 yards away with just a Glock.

He also wondered if I, as a new shooter, would be able to get any on target from that distance.

After all, handguns are meant for close work.

Setting Up Our Target

Well, that sounded like a good challenge and fairly topical too. Off we went to Wade’s family farm to set everything up.

Wade created what we affectionately called a “torso target” with paper covering it so we could track everyone’s shots.

Once we set everything up it became clear just how far away 40 yards truly is.

40 yards is a long haul-  almost half a football field.

Ten seconds of full-out running for the average person. The length of two bowling alleys placed end to end. A target that’s 3ft tall and hardly a foot and a half wide sitting 40 yards away looks absolutely tiny. I had serious doubts about our ability to hit this target.

Time to Shoot Our Shot

The Shooters were Wade and Jayden from Midwest Shooting and myself.

I went first.

We got ten shots each, the same as happened with the shooting we’re recreating.

To add a measure of stress and distraction an AR-15 is being shot at the same time — again, mimicking the scenario that was in the news.

Spoiler — we all hit the target. You’ll have to watch the video to see how we did individually.

What This Target Practice Taught Us

While this was a fun exercise, it really can’t recreate the tension of being shot at (I checked with Rock 108s legal team and they thought that wouldn’t be a good idea). I’m a bit old for paintball- but wouldn’t rule it out.

Shooting a stationary target that isn’t shooting back was most certainly easier than what happened in the real-life incident we were using as our challenge.

Have you tried this kind of target practice? If you do, I’d be interested to hear about your results and videos too. Comment below.

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