Taking a Meeting with the Boss at the Shooting Range

Posted on August 17, 2022 at 10:28 AM by The Biker Lawyers

The Boss is Shooting

Our Market manager and all-around badass, Allyson Hillman, and her husband Steve have taken up shooting with our friends and sponsors at Midwest Shooting in Hiawatha, Iowa. The indoor range is fantastic and we were excited to all make use of it.

Ready, Aim, Fire

In this week’s blog and video, Allyson tries out two revolvers and a 9mm to see what fits her personal preference best. Watch as she gets the chance to compare:

  • 9mm Sig Sauer 320
  • Smith and Wesson 38 Special, 642 snub nose revolver
  • and the Legendary 357 Magnum revolver

Here you’ll see her take her time with each one.

Based on the results above, it looks like the lightest, smallest gun, the snub nose, surprised us all by giving one of her best shots of the night.

Some Friendly Shooting Competition

After trying all three she selected the one she thought felt best and we took it to a friendly shoot-off between Allyson, her husband Steve, and myself.

In my head, I found myself in a no-win situation. If I win; I beat my highly competitive boss and if I lose, well… I lose! I mean, who doesn’t want to whoop their boss in a little friendly competition?!  Either way, I was really pulling for Steve to win and take the pressure off.

At the end of the video, you will see all three targets.  Everyone did fairly well for a bunch of duffers, however, there was a clear winner and I have a feeling we’re headed for a rematch to settle the score.  So, keep watching for my future blogs.

What the Future Holds

Automatic weapons and Tannerite targets that will blow the bejesus out of inanimate objects. I’ve been talking about it for months and I’m ready to put my finger to the trigger.

Stay proficient with your weapons, get to the range often, and be prepared, responsible, gun owners.

About Russ: The biker community’s Ambassador of Ammo

Known as a professional Radio Gypsy, Russ is the voice of “crazy stories and bad behavior” on Rock 108 every weekday from 10 AM – 2 PM (CST). After a shooting expedition with friends, Russ found a new passion for firearms and is now searching to find the perfect fit to match his needs. Join him as he tests and reviews various guns and targets, learns gun safety, and occasionally blows stuff up every week right here!

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