Insurance Nightmares: a True Story of Crash Recovery

Insurance Nightmares: a True Story of Crash Recovery

Jo Goos’ Emotional Journey After a Crash

Who ya gonna call when you need backup? For Jo Goos, the answer was clear: The Biker Lawyers. In a heartfelt recount of her accident and the subsequent insurance nightmare, Jo sheds light on the physical and psychological impacts of a crash and the importance of having the right legal team by your side.

The Unfortunate Day in Cedar Rapids

On an icy day in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jo Goos faced every driver’s worst fear: a car crash. “It was two and a half years ago… an oncoming truck pulled out in front of me,” Jo recalls. This wasn’t just about a bad driver; it was a life-changing event that would lead Jo down a path of recovery, both physically and emotionally.

Physical and Psychological Impacts of a Crash

Post-accident, Jo’s life took a turn. She needed chiropractic care and physical therapy, emphasizing, “More changes at about a 40 mph impact than you would think.” But beyond the physical pain, the emotional scars ran deep. The accident left her nervous, altering her driving habits and instilling a fear of car accidents and what can happen with the unpredictability of other drivers on the road.

The Insurance Nightmare: A Battle with Bad Drivers and Their Companies

Image of a pile of money on a table in front of a greedy insurance agent with a nametag that reads "Big Insurance"

To be clear, Big Insurance only cares about one thing: keeping their money.

Dealing with insurance companies after an accident can be a harrowing experience.

Jo’s journey was no different. “I went through a good year of trying to get things solved with his insurance company… nobody was responding,” she shares. She struggled with getting the company to make any progress, with representatives breaking promises, and failing to return her calls.

An insurance agent prepares to hang up the phone on a client.

This insurance nightmare is a common tale many can relate to, emphasizing the importance of knowing who to call when you need help getting results.

When Bikers Fight Back: The Biker Lawyers to the Rescue

Image of the Founder of The Biker Lawyers, Pete Leehey

Enter Pete Leehey and his team at The Biker Lawyers. Known as Iowa’s best motorcycle lawyers, they were Jo’s beacon of hope.

“I called Pete and I just asked him to get involved,” Jo says. Their expertise as motorcycle accident lawyers proved invaluable, guiding Jo through the legal maze and ensuring she received a fair settlement.

Pete Leehey’s Take on Insurance Companies

Pete Leehey, a prominent figure in the Midwest biking community and Founder of The Biker Lawyers, sheds light on the challenges of dealing with insurance companies. “Some insurance companies will respond and do so in a reasonable fashion even if you haven’t filed a lawsuit yet,” Pete says. “But ultimately, you get insurance companies’ attention by suing them.” His words underscore the lengths to which victims sometimes have to go to ensure justice and fair compensation.

A Word of Advice from Jo

For those facing similar challenges, Jo has a clear message: “I would start with biker lawyers immediately and not even have the headache and run around of trying to settle it yourself.” Whether it’s a personal injury or dealing with the aftermath of a car crash, having the right lawyer can make all the difference.

Watch Jo Goos’ Full Interview: Her Story, Firsthand

In Conclusion

Accidents are unpredictable, and their aftermath can be a daunting journey. But with the right support, like that from Pete Leehey and The Biker Lawyers, victims can find their path to recovery and justice. Remember, when in a crash and facing an insurance nightmare, knowing who to call for backup is always a winning strategy.

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