Memorial Day at the 2022 Raked Ape Rally, Klemme, Iowa


Posted on June 6, 2022 at 7:31 AM by The Biker Lawyers

Russ Rocks the 2022 Raked Ape Rally

Memorial Day weekend.  A time for remembrance of those who gave it all for our country. A time of rebirth and reunion as we commiserate not only with our Gold Star family and friends but with nature itself as she turns a corner from spring into summer.  This is a weekend for all that.

Nobody knows the Nexus between serving our country, respect for our fallen soldiers and the promise of a new season better than our biker friends. It’s been a long cold winter and Saturday of Memorial Weekend I decided to take a trip up Rt 118 to North Central Iowa and the town of Klemme for the Raked Ape Customs Annual Biker Rally.

The Ride to Klemme, Iowa

Over 2 1/2 hours to Klemme, IA from Cedar Rapids, IA and great day for the drive it was.

I loaded up my photo gear, made sure I had proper tire inflation to maximize gas mileage get a Dew for the ride and pointed the car to 380 North to 218-N out of Waterloo.  On thru Waverly, Allison, Aredale, Sheffield, Rockwell, Swaledale, and then more than 70 miles of unincorporated farmland.

No need for an odometer when you’ve got Dew…

I know it was 70 miles because given the amount of Mountain Dew I had consumed; I really needed a pit-stop exits with services are few and far between in this area of Iowa. (Author’s note: I made it with a few minutes to spare).

Motorcycles take over Main Street

Over 100 Bikes turned out for what was a perfect, albeit a little windy day but hey, If you ride in Iowa you’re always dealing with some wind and Saturday was no different.

Flags were flying, some on the backs of bikes as they rode into Main Street for the display.  Both sides of the street were lined with bikes, mostly Harley but also a couple Indians, and a beautiful old-school Honda.

I even met a close to 80-year-old Vietnam Vet Named Peg Leg [Pictured above, right], who drove up on his Hog and a pre-teen on his custom Coleman mini-bike showing off his pull-start hardware alongside the more powerful and bigger neighboring bikes.

Raked Ape Rally Events

Later in the day there was Barbeque, a rock band, and a wet T-shirt contest but first we had to judge a bike show with awards for Best Chopper, Best Paint, Best Custom and Best Stock.

“I’ve known this for many years but worth repeating the biking community are great people– Fun loving, safety minded, easy to talk to and loaded with great stories.  I had some great conversations and met some really great people on Saturday.”

-Russ, The Ambassador of Ammo

Meeting The Caveman of Klemme

On the way out, I spent a few minutes with “Caveman” who owns Raked Ape Customs and the Raked Ape Bar and Grill next door.  Caveman embodies everything I just said about bikers and is also a huge personality who obviously loves what he does and the people he serves.

In the video that accompanies this blog [below], I had a chat with Caveman and he told me the story of the Raked Ape and how it came out of his lifelong love of bikes and the Pandemic of the last two years.

I will definitely be back for the bigger and better rally next year in Klemme, Iowa!

About Russ: The biker community’s Ambassador of Ammo

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