Emotional distress is a subcategory of pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering is one of six common damage categories for personal injuries. There isn't a simple formula or rule to determine compensation for emotional distress. An experienced personal injury lawyer near you can help.

In a personal injury lawsuit, emotional distress is an aspect of pain and suffering. Again, there is no formula, equation, or simple rule to determine the amount of money it takes to fairly compensate a person for pain and suffering.  
To consider the complexity of considerations, let’s look at a few common questions that factor into the process of determining compensation.

  • What kind of pain are/were you in?
  • From what sort of injury?
  • How long did the pain last?
  • Is there still pain?
  • Will the pain go away, or not?
  • How does the pain change a specific person’s life?
  • Is it physical pain, emotional pain, or both?
  • Where and how is the pain experienced?  

An experienced personal injury lawyer is in the best position to make an accurate analysis for the fair compensation of pain and suffering. The other driver’s insurance company may lead you to believe they know the correct value to place on pain and suffering, but only an experienced personal injury lawyer working for you can be trusted to predict how much a jury is likely to award under a given set of circumstances.

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