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Chaos returns to the Cedar Valley

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Halloween is upon us! A time when we dress our families up in costumes and everything gets a little more fun… and a little darker.

Rock music is usually associated with the Halloween holiday, especially in the heavy metal world. Local venues around Eastern Iowa typically like to hold some kind of costumed festivities.

Last year, a local band decided to take that tradition one step further and do it for a cause, while also bringing chaos to the Cedar Valley.

Now for the second year, Chaos for a Cause will return to the Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo. I’ve mentioned how much I like this venue, and when something happens there, I usually try to make my way over.

There is nothing like this event! Horror Punk mainstays Grave Corps are no stranger to the scene as they have been a driving force in the local area for 15 years now, but you’d think that they are a national act by this point (which in some shows they can be) are the masterminds behind this whole thing.

Now, they have actually been doing Chaos for a Cause for quite a few years actually, but last year they decided to go above and beyond with it and it really paid off.

Last year’s chaos…

Chaos for a Cause last year featured some of the best local talents like 404, NonGrata out of Iowa City, In My Blood, Traci Von Krypt, and of course Grave Corps. These bands and a bunch of sponsors all came together to benefit the Iowa Giving Crew, which brings uncooked full Thanksgiving meals to Iowans in need…which is just fantastic.

It was a BLAST of a show with beers flowing, bands rocking, all sorts of amazing costumes, and just a fun ass night of rock and Halloween altogether.

I specifically remember that night for many reasons as I was able to debut my Ghostbusters costume, which no one noticed that I had both Ghostbusters 2 and the original logo on there, but maybe that was the geek in me. Costumes are fun and it was amazing to see the creativity that so many people put into them.

So, when something like that is as successful as that? Why not do it again?

Coming back this year will be Chaos for a Cause Part 2. It will take place at the Electric Park Ballroom again on October 22nd, which is kinda nice as it’s just enough of a distance from the holiday that it’ll be easier to bring the kid trick or treating, so for those of us who are family people, this is a well-scheduled event.

Chaos for a Cause 2022 Line-up

ANWAY, who the heck is playing this year?

Well, last year was big, but this year is even bigger! Grave Corps returns, but they are stepping down as headliners and coming up 2nd as the return of Destrophy will be blowing the roof off the place!

Some may remember them as a radio station mainstay out of Cedar Rapids and seeing them bring their solid rock show for this cause is going to be an absolute treat!

Also on the bill will be the return of NonGrata, Guilty of Treason, Switchblade Saturdays, and Carli Foxx of The Rumours! The costume contest returns with cash prizes and once again benefits the Iowa Giving Crew! I feel like this is gonna be a major highlight of 2022.

Chaos for a Cause Show Info

Event Date:

Saturday 10/22/2022

Event Location:

Electric Park Ballroom
310 W Conger St
Waterloo, IA 50703


$10 In Advance/$15 Day of Show*

*Additional service charge fees with the price of admission

Age Restrictions:

This is an ALL AGES Show!


Doors – 5:00 PM

Concert – 6:00 PM

Performances By:

  • Carli Foxx (The Rumours)
  • Switchblade Saturdays
  • Guilty of Treason
  • NonGrata
  • Grave Corps
  • Destrophy


Costume Contest Information:

18+ Costume Contest – 11:00-11:15


First Place – $600

Second Place – $300

Third Place – $100

This year has had some epic shows and some more to come to close out the year, but if you are looking for the Halloween party of the year? Set your calendars for this night, but it’s going to be CHAOS….for an epic cause. 

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