4330 16th Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

(319) 200-3030
Mon: 7AM - 3PM
Tues: 7AM - 3PM
Wed: 7AM - 3PM
Thurs: 7AM - 3PM
Fri: 7AM - 3PM
Sat: 7AM - 3PM
Sun: 7AM - 3PM

Somebody told me I should go to Highway 30 Diner in Cedar Rapids on a Tuesday night to see their bike night.  When I got there, I found out that it was actually more of an antique car night.  A lot of people just like anything with a motor in it, so I figured why not just go with it.

It was hard to miss the fact that there was a hearse parked in the middle of all the other cars tonight.  I talked to the owner of it, and found out that they have a small collection of these things back home.  There were some newer cars, and of course plenty of antiques.  Some had really shiny engines adorned with lots of chrome.

Highway 30 Diner is one of the best places to get breakfast in Cedar Rapids.  It’s one of the very few that serve real homemade hollandaise sauce on eggs benedict, so I made sure to get a picture of that.  They also make their mozzarella sticks from scratch.  Of the handful of places around here that do make mozzarella sticks from scratch, Highway 30 Diner is the only place I know of that doesn’t serve them to you completely burnt.

I also got a Reuben sandwich while I was there.  To my knowledge, Paul makes his corned beef from scratch, so I thought it would be worth sharing pictures of what that looks like.  There’s not much at Highway 30 Diner that isn’t made in-house, and that’s what impresses me the most about this place. 

When I first moved here, I was mostly finding frozen, pre-made food that was just being warmed up and served.  Most of what I was finding at that time was also unseasoned, and I was extremely happy to finally find a place like Highway 30 Diner that knows how important it is to cook seasoning into the food.  The first thing I ever tried here was an omelet, and I still haven’t found a better one anywhere in town.

The guy who owns Highway 30 Diner is Paul Habhab.  From talking to him, I found out that he is just a huge fan of anything with a motor in it.  So naturally, he is a big fan of motorcycles, and you can tell by the décor that his love for bikes had little influence.  You will find a lot of road signs all over the walls here, and the tables have a diamond plate design on the tops.  He told me that he named the place after Highway 30, which was the highway that ran from his hometown of Fort Dodge to Cedar Rapids.

Tuesday night is the only time that I’m aware they are open outside the normal breakfast and lunch hours.  The full menu is available all day, so you can have whatever you want without having to worry about what time it is.

While I was there, I met Keith, who organizes the Tuesday night cruise-in at Highway 30 Diner.  He said he started it back in 2020, which makes me wonder if this event is somehow related to the First Avenue cruise that was going on in Cedar Rapids back in 2020.

If you come here on a Tuesday night in the summer, you will notice that people have brought lawn chairs to take advantage of the large shade trees that stand in the grass between the parking lot and the highway.  The people are very friendly, and you will always find somebody to talk to, especially if you want to talk about cars.

If you happen to be around Cedar Rapids and find yourself wanting some good food that is made from scratch, you should definitely try Highway 30 Diner.  It was the first really good place I found here on my quest for decent food, and it still remains one of the best.


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