1336 US Hwy 20 West
Elizabeth, IL 61028

(815) 858-3535
Mon: 11AM - 8PM
Tues: 11AM - 8PM
Wed: 11AM - 8PM
Thurs: 11AM - 8PM
Fri: 8AM - 9PM
Sat: 8AM - 8AM
Sun: 9AM - 11PM

I was headed back to Cedar Rapids from Poopy’s when I got a text from Keith of the Red Knights MC.  He said that they were about to leave the Hilltop and head to Cajun Jack’s in Elizabeth, Illinois.  I have been wanting to see Cajun Jack’s for a while now, so I just turned around and decided to go meet the guys from RKMC.

I personally don’t eat seafood, and I was already full from the large meal I just had at Poopy’s.  With that in mind, I thought this would be the perfect chance to go to Cajun Jack’s and just watch other people eat seafood.  I was more interested in going there, just because it seemed like a really cool place in general.

The RKMC guys were really excited about the oysters and jambalaya, so we got a couple of orders of the Jack’s Triple Play.  The Triple Play is a combo with Rockefeller, Angels, and Bienville oysters.  We also ended up with at least one big bowl of Jambalaya.

Keith had never tried oysters before today.  He decided to go for it, but I was personally content to retain my status of never having tried oysters.  We will all have to wait and see if Keith becomes an oyster lover in the future, because I don’t think the results of today’s test were conclusive.

Katie, the manager of Cajun Jack’s, told me that they try to have things for people like me who don’t eat seafood.  They do have steaks, burgers, and chicken dishes, and I will probably go for the steak next time.  For this trip, I really wanted to get pictures of the seafood, since that’s probably why most people go to Cajun Jack’s.

I had at least three seafood experts with me, so I deferred to their judgment.  I’m from Mississippi, which is a coastal state.  Nobody there ever complained about not having access to fresh seafood, so I never would have guessed that there were places like Iowa where people don’t have access to fresh seafood.  Now that I live here, I have noticed that a lot of people are unhappy because it is hard to find good seafood.  Being a non-seafood eater myself, I am much more concerned about the frozen chicken strips and donuts that people keep trying to tell me are “just the same” as fresh ones.  I call bullshit.

According to my seafood experts from the RKMC, Cajun Jack’s would be an excellent choice for people who are struggling to find the good seafood around here.  I met the owner, Jackie, who used to live in Texas.  She really seems to know her stuff about food, so it makes sense that she got the seafood right when she opened this place.  They even have real sweet tea at Cajun Jack’s, and I consider that a very positive sign when I’m looking for a place that can really cook.

This place pretty much checks all the boxes for being a biker-friendly establishment.  They have a large parking lot, outdoor seating with an outdoor bar, pool tables, and a large dining area with what appeared to be a private section that could be reserved for large groups.  I found Cajun Jack’s because of bikers, and they are also a sponsor of the RKMC stamp book.  We all remembered to get our stamps while we were there.

Cajun Jack’s is located in a very active biker area.  Poopy’s is only 30 minutes away, and as I was driving here, I passed an unusually large number of bikes on the road.  Having these biker destinations in relatively close proximity, plus the beautiful scenery in between, makes this area a perfect choice to spend a day riding your bike.


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