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Starset, Seether, Breaking Benjamin- an experience any other

So many amazing shows are coming to Cedar Rapids this summer, in fact, it looks like the Spring/Summer rock season is in full swing!

Speaking of which, earlier in the Spring we saw 4 juggernaut bands returning to Cedar Rapids at the Alliant Energy Powerhouse: none other than Starset, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin.

I have seen each one of the bands multiple times on their own tours, but never together under one roof.

Hearing songs like Blow Me Away, Rise Above this, and My Demons all in one night, live, was truly something to witness.

Opening Act: Lacy Sturm Live Review - She's still got it

The night started with the opening act, Lacey Sturm, formerly of Flyleaf! It was unique as all hell to see her, especially when you start thinking about the generation of rock that I was about to bear witness to that night. I never did get the chance to see her in Flyleaf in all my years of rock concerts, but I was happy to see that she CLEARLY still has it.

Starset Live Review - Not a live show, a demonstration

Starset is a band that is MUST SEE LIVE! Starset does not call their concerts well…concerts…no, they call them demonstrations! They go for a whole theme with their shows, so when you see them live? It’s isn’t just a couple of dudes sitting on chairs. No, there is costumes, guitar, violins, and more. What was awesomely hilarious about this performance though? They had so much fog on stage, that it ended up tripping the fire alarms and the Powerhouse’s fire system triggers the bright house lights! It was pretty fantastic, but it didn’t stop the band.

Seether Live Review - A live vibe you can feel

Seether, the band I couldn’t wait for hit the stage next. Seether is one of those bands that anytime you see them live? They play songs that anytime you hear the next one, you say ‘Oh yea, I forgot about this song!’ When I saw the Foo Fighters, I did the same thing! Seether stuck to the hits and you could feel the vibe from the crown. Opening up with their classic hit ‘Gasoline’ just set the tone for the whole show, also did you know the touring guitarist of Seether Corey Lowery is the brother of Clint Lowery from Sevendust? Brotherly rock siblings is cool, I wonder what Christmas is like.

Breaking Benjamin Live Review - A band that never gets old

Then it was time for the main event, Breaking Benjamin, the band that after seeing them quite a few times? Never gets old…I essentially grew up with this band from the small club shows, side stages, and now to their very own arena shows.  Playing songs like The Diary of Jane, So Cold, Blow Me Away, ALL the hits that you know and love from their over 20 years of being a band. I had the chance some time ago to talk to singer Benjamin Burnley on something that he loves talking about, Star Wars, so seeing him live again and having that personal connection, makes the show for me even better.

Now, Breaking Benjamin is a regular in the Cedar Rapids area, but Seether is one that we may get every once in a great while. Some of the stuff we were treated to that night was opening act Lacey Sturm, joining Seether on stage to play a Flyleaf song, and even Shawn Morgan of Seether joined Breaking Benjamin to sing a song together!

Dude, it was just awesome and a pretty rare treat that as a rock super fan, was very happy to see. I mean, this is MY generation of rock and it is crazy to think that these bands are over 20 years old now!

Am I becoming the NEW CLASSIC ROCK generation? Well I had better start cashing out my 401k already!

Nah, just kidding but I cannot wait to see what else is happening here, and this may be the BEST way to kick off the concert season in Eastern Iowa.

If you missed Breaking Benjamin the first time, no worries! Get your tickets to see them live when Breaking Benjamin returns to Iowa later this summer (August 20, 2022) at the Westfair Amphitheatre in Council Bluffs, Iowa!

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