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Three Little Pieces

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Three little pieces let me in!!! These three pieces will huff without the puff and blow your target away!

The three guns we’re showing you in this blog are both upgrades and platform-defining weapons. 

This week we’re going to demo three special weapons.  We can’t bring them to the range because there is only one of each in stock- these are hard-to-find, high-demand weapons.

In the forthcoming video, Jayden from Midwest Shooting in Hiawatha is back to show us these very special pieces.

The Legendary Colt Python Revolver

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The legendary Colt Python revolver six-shooter.  You will see in the video (I promise it'll be worth the wait...) the quality of this gun from the stainless finish, the heavy, weighted steel frame, the vented barrel, and the beautiful wood finish on the grip which looks hand-made of incredibly high-quality materials—and that also pretty much describes the entire weapon.

The Sig Saur P-226 X-5

Image of a Sig Saur P-226 X-5

The Sig Sauer P-226 X-5 .9mm. As a 226, it will feel familiar but even better because of all the little extras that go into this gun. 

"The extra weighting in the handle for recoil management, the extended mag capacity, and the stainless finish all combine to make this a jaw-dropping expression of the 226 that makes it a must-have for any enthusiast." 

-Russ, The Biker's Ambassador of Ammo


Decorative image of an SN SCAR 17s with text

Built on a military platform the FN SCAR 17-S, is an incredible long gun. This is a 762x51 with a multi-colored desert camo body.  Watch the video for Jayden’s complete walk-thru of all the features of this high-quality long gun.

As we all know, I haven’t handled a lot of guns and what I have are all the standard big-sellers.  While I have handled and shot rifles, revolvers, and 9mm guns the quality and craftsmanship of the three guns we’re demoing in the video was apparent as soon as I picked each one up; I was amazed and hope it carries through the screen.

About Russ: The biker community's Ambassador of Ammo

Known as a professional Radio Gypsy, Russ is the voice of “crazy stories and bad behavior” on Rock 108 every weekday from 10 AM – 2 PM (CST). After a shooting expedition with friends, Russ found a new passion for firearms and is now searching to find the perfect fit to match his needs. Join him as he tests and reviews various guns and targets, learns gun safety, and occasionally blows stuff up every week right here!

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