AR-15 Vs Exploding Targets- Reaction and Review

Posted on August 31, 2022 at 12:00 PM by The Biker Lawyers


Farming with Explosive Ammo

I’ve been teasing this for long enough and finally, we got a chance to go to a top-secret (undisclosed) farm location… MILES from any neighbors.

We needed a place where we could make a LOT of noise without aggravating anyone. Our biggest worries were disturbing a herd of cows hanging out over in the next pasture. In fact, we had to go to our backup top secret location because the cows were just too close, and we weren’t planning on any BBQ steak that night.

Side note:  In the video, see if you can spot a curious cow on a hill watching the whole thing. Bonus points if you comment the exact time his friend takes off running! We had a bunch of explosive targets brand name Sonic Boom which Wade sells at Midwest Shooting in Hiawatha, Iowa.

I kept calling it Tannerite which I thought was the compound that exploded only to find out that it’s a Brand Name.

Fun fact: Tannerite and Sonic Boom are just two brands of the many available. They’re all called Binary Explosives. 

Back to business, Sonic Boom is very stable and will only explode with high-velocity rifle shots — It turns out that handguns and even shotguns won’t create a boom.

So, being 50 yards away from the target our weapon of choice was an AR-15 with a great scope. I’d fired an AR before, and even an AK47, but an AR-15 with a scope was something I had never used before.

The experience was… explosive.

Wade collected a bunch of “mush melons”  which we set up on a square hay bale.

We had melon innards splattered for more than a fifty-yard radius by the time we finished. The integrity of the hay bale was breached pretty quickly, making for some impressive video footage.

Enjoy the video as Wade, Jayden, and Jordyn from Midwest shooting and I all take turns behind the scope of an AR-15 unleashing hell on helpless, downrange, mush melons.

Now, I can’t make any promises, but one reader requested I test my skills with Crossbows in a future blog. What do you think? Should I give the Crossbow a go?

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