4 Fall Shows You Need to Know!

Posted on October 4, 2022 at 9:05 AM by The Biker Lawyers

Is the 2022 Rock Concert Season Over?

2022 is coming to a close and this year was loaded with all sorts of amazing rock festivals, concerts, and memories that will last a lifetime. Were you able to attend a few of them? Obviously, you can tell that I was able to make it to a few, but it’s only October, and if you think that the 2022 concert season is over, you are mistaken, my friend!

The Shows Must Go On…


Eastern Iowa still has a couple more shows up its sleeve for you to enjoy! Sure the time for an outdoor show is coming to a close, but if there is one thing that Iowa knows how to do, is get to get inside and keep the show going. So today, I’m gonna tell YOU where the party is still going on so that way you can plan out the rest of your 2022 and close it out rockin.’

Wayland Returns to Cedar Rapids on October 7th

The first one is coming up here pretty soon, and if you are looking to get in that last outdoor show of the year? This may be it!

Wayland is coming back to Cedar Rapids! These guys have been to the area quite a few times and have a couple hits on the radio like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Get a Little.’ What’s great about this band is that you aren’t going to get the heavy screaming music…no….you’re going to get a blend of country music and rock, country rock if you will! The show will take place on Oct. 7th and will be at the Chrome Horse in the New Bo area in Cedar Rapids. They always put on an amazing show, so I am looking forward to attending that one. $10 in advance or $20 on the day of the show.

Chaos for a Cause II

We’ve brought this one up before on a previous blog, but it’s good to mention again and that is Chaos for a Cause at the Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo! That show will take place on October 22nd and is LOADED with rock. Destrophy, Grave Corps, Guilty of Treason, Nongrata, Switchblade Saturdays, and Carli Foxx of the Rumours! The show will also be a benefit that helps out the Iowa Giving Crew, who provides full-fledged uncooked Thanksgiving dinners to Iowans in need this coming Holiday season. That one is gonna be fun cause you know, it’s just BEFORE Halloween so it doesn’t get in the way of like Trick or Treating with the kids and stuff! Plus it’s only $10 in Advance to get in the show!

2nd Annual Halloween Bash

Now if you’re into the heaviest of heavy metal, a local show that just got booked that is centered around Halloween time is the 2nd Annual Halloween Bash on Saturday, Oct. 29th! This will take place at the National Cattle Congress Pavilion in Waterloo! This show will feature Phoenix Curse, Hardship, Jim Jones, Bleedchain, and Dark Agenda I’ve seen a few of these bands on this bill and if you are ready to mosh and scream at the top of your lungs, this show is for you. The amount of talent bleeding from this show is through the roof, so if you’re a metalhead? This is EASILY the show for you. Tickets are available at the door for that show for $15.

The Trinity of Terror Tour Part III

There are more shows coming, but the last one I wanna highlight is one coming to the Alliant Energy Powerhouse and these are some big touring acts. Motionless in White, Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills, and Atreyu on November 11th! This is a sweeeeeeeet show- all of these bands are currently on top of their game especially Ice Nine Kills as I am a huge fan of them. I can’t wait to cover that show for you guys and it is nearly a month away, but in the meantime, look them all up…you won’t be disappointed! Tickets are available at CReventslive.com and if you want to be on the floor, roughly $55 per ticket.

There is A LOT happening here in Eastern Iowa, so I don’t want to hear… “Uhhhh there are no rock bands playing here!” when in fact there is, you just gotta look!

Good thing you’ve got The Ambassador of Rock as your hook-up!  

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